Sunday, March 30, 2008

31st March 2008

Lahore, Pakistan 31 March 2008

Prof Dr Nik Omar giving lecture to students and doctors at Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
100 attended

Topic: Homeopathiic and Infertility Cases
Time: 10.00 am

Subject Discuss:
1. Male Infertility
2. Female Infertilty

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

30th March 2008 Prof Nik Omar leaving to Pakistan

Kuala Lumpur 30th March 2008

Prof Dr Nik Omar, representing Malaysia , will be leaving to Pakistan to attend the 18th Asian Homeopathic Medical League World Congress at Bhuban, Muree, Pakistan.


30th March leaving Kuala Lumput to Lahore, Pakistan

31st March Prof Nik will be giving Lecture at One day Seminar on 'Infertility and Homeopathic Treatment -HTI p2000 ' at Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan

31 st march - Dinner hosted by Masood Homeopathic Stores & Hospital Lahore

1st April - Prof Dr Nik Omar will be lecturing at Gujerawal Homeopathic Medical College, Gujerawala, 250 kilometers from Lahore.

On 2nd Lahore to Muree - Opening AHML Congress

3rd - 4th AHML Congress at Muree, Islamabd

5th April Dr Nik leaving Lahore to Kuala Lumpur.

14th March 2008 - MRHP, AHML, LHMI Meeting

Pasir Mas - 14th March 2008

MRHP, AHML & LHMI Coimmitte memebrs has attended a Special Meeting on 14 th March 2008.

13 AJK members has attended:

1. Prof Dr Nik Omar, President
2. Prof Dr Mat Zin Abd Rahman, Vice President
3. Dr Yusoof Sidek Kuantan, Pahang
4. Dr Rosli Dungun Trengganu
5. Dr Che Musa Mohamad
6. Dr Huzaimi
7. Dr Kalthom Che Teh
8. Dr Zaharh Loman
9. Dr Azman mat Zin
10. Dr Nik Fairuz
11. Dr Badrul
12. Dr Hajjah Faridah
13. Prof Dr Mohd Nasir Zain

Agenda of Meeting

1. Meeting With Ministry of Health
2. Secretary Report
3. 18th AHML Congress at Pakistan
4. 63rd LHMI Meeting at Oostense, Belgium.
5. Our Mission under DRTB at Cambodia for year 2008

Meeting started at 9.00 and completed at 12.30
Pasir Mas - 25 hb March 2008
5 student dari Singapore telah tamat pengajian dalam Jurusan Perubatan Bekam, dalam Seminar Satu Hari di Jabatan Pengajian Melayu, Fakulti Perubatan Homeopathy Malaysia, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.
Nama-nama Student yang tamat :
1. Zainul Azman bin Mat Zin
2.Ahmad bin Suwiti
3. Zainal Abidin bin Hj Omar
4.Bahruddin bin Omar
5. Nik Badrul Hakim
6. Nik Fairuz Hakim
7. Badriah Mohammad
8. Hajjah Zaharh Loman

Mereka semua telah menrima sijil bekam masing-masing dari Prof Dr Nik Omar

Qualified Cupping Course [ Al-Hijamah ]
25th March 2008 8 members from Singapore has qualified a course in Hijamah [Bekam] at Department of Malay Medicine [Bekam], Fakulti of Homeopathy Malaysia, Pasir Mas, Kelantan. Please refer their name above.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Kursus Bekam

Kursus Bekam
Kursus Bekam Untuk Orang-Orang Berminat
  • Setiap Ahad Di Bangi, Selangor Tel 019-9401915

  • dari jam 10.00 pagi hingga 2.00 petang

Kursus Yang Akan di Ajarkan, klinikal & teori dijarkan oleh Porf Dr Nik Omar , Nik Badrul & H/dr S. Syafiqa.

  • Bekam Angin
  • Bekam Darah

  • Bekam Magnet

  • Bekam Inovatif [ Acu-Bekam]

  • Bekam Massage

Setiap peserta akan diberi sijil , alat bekam beli sendiri, sesiap berminat boleh hubungi talian diatas

Recommended Reading

English: Cupping Courses at Bangi, Selangor. Interseted call 019-9401915

New T/CM Homeopathic & Acupuncture Clinic at Bangi

New Homeopathic & Acupuncture Clinic

For People around Kajang, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Seri Kembangan, Sepang, Nilai, Puchong, Semenyeih, Cheras, Ulu Langat, Nilai, Seremban, Melaka, Bangi, Sunway, Bukit Jalil

This is your Community Clinic in Alternative / Complementary Medicines.

Pusat Perubatan Homeopathy & Akupunktur Dr Nik Omar

No.1-1, Jalan 9/9C [ Dekat Masjid Hijau]

Pusat Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

Time: Open Daily : 8.30 am till 7.00 pm

Sunday: 8.30 till 1.00 pm only

Call: 019-9401915

A Letter From A Convert to Homeopath...

An Interesting Letter from a convert…..
How I became a homeopath

By Dr John Henry Clarke, MD, United Kingdom

Perhaps it may not be uninteresting to reader if I state at the outset of how my own conversion to homeopathy came about. As is usually the case, I knew nothing whatsoever about homeopathy when I took a degree in surgery, since it is rarely mentioned by professors in the ordinary medical school, and then only to be misrepresented.

After my graduation as a western medical doctor at Edinburg Medical School, by the advise of the late Dr Angus Macdonald ( one of the best friends I ever had ), I took a voyage to New Zealand in charge of emigrants.

On my return, having fixed on Liverpool as a likely field in which to start practice, I asked Dr Macdonald to introduce me to some of leading doctors in that city. This he promised to do, and eventually he did - I have the letter to this day.

They were never presented, for the reasons which will be appreciated. The relatives with whom I was staying happens to be a homeopath, and they suggested that I might do worse then to go to Homeopathic Dispensary at Hardman Street, Liverpool and see what was being done there.
As the letter came not, by way of utilizing my time I went. Like Caesar, I not only 'went', but I 'saw', " but here the parallel ended - I did not conquer; instead homeopathy conquered me !

I may say that at this period, having absorbed over 80 % ( if marks go for anything) of the drug-lore Sir Robert Christian had to impart, and having had sufficient opportunity for testing its value in practice, I had come pretty near the conclusion of Oliver Webdell Holmes saying, " If all drugs were cast into the sea, it would be so much better for man and so much the worst for the fish."

I believed then ( and belief has become rather fashionable since ) that the chief function of a medical man was to find out what was the matter with people - if he could; and supply them with common sense - if he happened to posses any.
With duty to treat people; to cure them was out of question; and it would be the better for honesty if he made no pretence to it.

After few weeks of observation at the Liverpool Homeopathic Dispensary, a case was presented to me in private. A small boy of five, a relative of my own, was brought to me by his mother. Two years before, he had been badly scratched on the forehead by a cat, and when the scratches healed, a crops of warts appeared on the site of them, and there they remained up to that time in spite of different treatment by allopathic doctor.

As an allopath I could do no more than he, so I turned to homeopathy to see if that could help me. I consulted the authorities, and found that the principal drug which is credited to producing crops of warts is Thuja Occidentalis.

I ordered this, more by way of experiment than expecting much result; but I said, if there was truth in homeopathy, it ought to cure. In a few days improvement was manifest; In three weeks the warts were al gone. Rightly or wrongly I attributed, and still attribute the result to Thuja, through it will no doubt be said that charms have done the same way.

Very well, id nay one will give me a system of charms that I can use with precision and produce with such definite effects, I shall be very glad to try it. As it was, I concluded that if homeopathy could give me results like that, homeopathy was the system for me.

Yours faithfully
Dr J.H. Clarke, Liverpool, England.

Homeopathic Hints

Homeopathic Hints

· The homeopathic practitioner deals with drug energy and not with drug material, hence we uses infinitesimal dose, prepared by dividing, redividing the medicinal substances by dilution ( in case of liquid ) and trituration ( in case of solid ) according to German homeopathic pharmacoepia.
· Homeopathic remedies are never prescribed for their physiological action. The physiological action is toxic in nature and therefore, painful and injurious. It is exactly opposite to therapeutic or curative action and therefore is not employed in homeopathic practice for therapeutic purposes. Just as selection of remedy is based on the law of similars and minimum dose.
· Small stimuli encourages life activity, medium tends to impede it and very strong stimuli stops or destroy it.

further reading

18th International AHML Congress at Pakistan

18th AHML Asian Homeopathic Medical League Congress

at Bhuban, Muree, Pakistan from 2, 3 & 4 April 2008

Prof Dr Nik Omar as Vice President AHML Malaysia will be attending with 4 members of AHML Malaysia Dr Mohd Nasir, Dr Azman and Dr Nik Fairuz.

Leaving Kuala Lumpur 30 th March 2008 KL- Lahore

Depart Lahore - KL on 5th April 2008

Fare: RM 2,060.00 Conference fee US$ 250.00

Pocket Money: RM 2,000.00

Those interseted to join are welcome

Please contact Dr Nik Omar tel 019-9401915