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Some Cancer Remedy in Homeopathic Practice


Affinity for jaw bones.

< By air,dampness.

Right jaw swollen and painful.

Lancinating pains and headache.


It is an important cancer remedy.

Pain in facial bones as if crushed or ulcerated.


Caries of long bones.

Intense craving for coffee.

Over sensitiveness.

Crampy pain in cheek bones and masseters as if fatigued.

Caries, very painful ulcers which affect the bones.

Drawing in facial muscles by chewing too much.

Pain in the temporal muscles on opening jaws.

Pain in articulation of jaw.


Tearing, needle like pain and burning.

Unhealthy easily bleeding gums.

Ulceration of mouth with dryness and burning heat.

Neuralgia of teeth, feels long and very sore.

Restlessness with nightly aggravation.

Great exhaustion after the slight exertion.

Burning pain > heat .

Maintains the system under the stress of malignancy regardless of location.


Swelling of the bones of upper jaw with tensive or boring pain.

Pain in the upper jaw.

Ulceration of gums and cheek bones.

Exostosis, caries and nightly bone pain.


Shooting pain in cheek bone, teeth and jaw.

Ulceration, gangrene, decomposition with offensive discharge are marked features.

Suited to old persons especially when there is venous plethora and scrofulous affections.


Indicated in swellings of glands, scrofulous and rachitic conditions

For a jaded state, mental or physical due to overwork.

Abscesses in deep musceles, polypi and exostosis.

Swellings of upper lip.

Pale with deep seated eyes surrounded by dark rings.

Itching, burning after washing,

Submaxillary glands swollen.

Pain from the right mental foramen along the lower jaw to the ear.

Affected area sensitive to slightest pressure.

Persistent sour taste in mouth.


For excruciating pain of open cancer


It acts favourable favourably and modifies all cases in which either a history of carcinoma or symptoms of disease itself.


A remedy for cancer

Burning under finger nails, toe nails and soles.

Itching and redness of palms.

Redness, burning and numbness of tongue.

Peculiar sensation of being very tall with tendency to vertigo.


For pains of cancer.

Terrible burning pain especially in bones.

Burning in cheeks worse left.

Red swelling of cheeks.

Great hunger with sialorrhoea(profuse salty saliva)

Erysipelatous inflammation especially of cheeks.

Old torpid ulcers, pustules and gangrene.

Ulcerating carcinoma and epithelioma of skin.


Especially adapted to chronic disease with syphilitic and mercurial history.

Acts especially on the lower tissues and indicated in deep destructive processes, bed sores, ulceration, varicose ulcers etc.

Patient is compelled to move energetically.

Persistant bloody salty discharge from mouth.

Affects teeth and bones of the upper jaw.

Caries and necrosis especially of long bones.

Ulcers with severe burning pain cold.

Periosteal abscesses.

Syphilitic ulcerations in mouth and throat.


Acts on glandular system, mucus membrane and obstinate ulcers, epidermis, tetters and eczema.

Chronic irritation of mucus membrane of mouth.

Epithelial cancers with sadness and thoughts of suicide.


Mainly acts on urinary organs.

But has clinical confirmation of its use in cancerous ulcers and nodulated tumours of the tongue.

Favours healthy granulations on ulcerated surface.


Antipsoric remedy especially active in patients who are rather stout, of fair complexion with tendency to skin affection.

Patients with constipation, fat, chilly,and delayed menistrual history aids absorption of cicatricial tissue.

For induration of tissue.

Burning and stinging pain in face with sensation of cobweb.

Moist eczema around mouth and chin.

Rotten odour from mouth.

Aphthae with salivation.


Action upon jaws.

Exostosis, gum abscess.

Nodosities, caries of bone, osteitis, osteosarcoma.

Tumors in general.

Enlargement of maxillary bones

Cervical glands enlarged and indurated.


Great sensitiveness to all impressions and chilliness.

Tendency to suppurations.

Splinter like pains.

Craving for sour things.

Sensation as if wind blowing on some part.

Tumors of facial bones and right sided neuralgia.

Pain in facial bones especially when touched.



Indicated for tertiary syphilis, eczema prurigo, old ulcers, leprosy , cancer of glandular structures with exhaution and vertigo.

Involuntry action of lower jaw.

Remove fetor and haemorrhage in cancer and revives the healing process.


Acts especially on the mucus membrane producing a thick yellowish ropy secretion.

Cancer and cancerous state before ulceration, when pain is the principal symptom.

Peppery taste in mouth with large flabby white coated tongue with imprint of teeth.

Ulceration of tongue.


Tendency towards malignancy.

Gums are swollen and tender.

Tongue is clear, red like raw beef.

Tongue coated only on edges with mucus strips.

In the middle towards tip of tongue a smooth red spot with troublesome burning and numbness.


Tearing pain in left jaw bone with burning and rawness.

Gums are swollen spongy and bleeding easily.

Pain < after sleep or sleeps into aggravation, warmth > cold.

Left side of face and lower jaw are swollen and sensitive to touch.



Affection of glands.

Pre ulcerative stage of carcinoma.

Scrofulous abscess and sores.

Enlargement and induration of glands especially cervical glands.


Efficatious in clearing of the remnants of cancerous deposits.

Ill effects of vaccination.


Splinter like or sticking pain in facial bones.

Putrid breath.


Bleeding of the gums.

Tongue clean, red, and wet with central furrow.


Swelling and necrosis of lower jaw.

Tearing pain in facial bones.

Gums swollen easily bleeding and ulcerated.

Tongue dry, smooth red or white not thickly ulcerated.

Chilly patient with thirst for very cold water.


Affects fibrous tissue markedly joints, tendons, aponeurosis etc. producing pain and stiffness and feels better by change of position.

Jaws crack when chewing.

Easy dislocation of the jaw.

Swollen face and cheek bones sensitive to touch.

Facial neuralgia worse evening.

Teeth feel loose and long.

Tongue coated with red triangular space at the tip.

Corners of mouth ulcerated.

Fever blisters around mouth and chin.

Pain in the maxillary joint.


For cancerous tumors and herpes zoster.

Scirrhous indurations of the tongue.

Malignant mouth ulcers bleeds easily.

Stabbing pain and stomatitis.

For diseases of bones, caries and necrosis.

Imperfect assimilation.

For suppurative process and ripens the abcess.

Caries and necrosis of the lower jaw.

Eruptions on chin with red face.

Pain throbbing, tearing.< cold damp.

Gums sensitive to cold air. Boils on gums

Abscess at root of teeth.



Indicated in the beginning of treatment of chronic cases and when carefully selected remedy fail to act especially in a/c diseases.

Complaints that relapse.

Offensive character of discharges and exhalations.

Exteremely red lips and face, Flushing easily.

Bitter taste in morning.

Swelling of gums with throbbing pain.

Jerks through red tip and borders.


Hydrogenoid constitutions < damp humid atmosphere and rest > dry weather.

Left sided and chilly

Rapid exhaution and emaciation.

Indicated in all types of pathological vegetations, condylomata, warty excrescencs, spongy tumors.


Miscarriage / Keguguran

Kenapa Keguguran
Keguguran ada dua jenis iaitu
1. Menguggurkan Kandungan ( paksaan kerana tidak mahu anak)
2. Kegugguran Sebenar ( Gugur secara semulajadi / tidak lekat )

Seorang ibu datang kepada saya untuk membantu kerana katanya ' dia sudah 4 kali keguguran' kandungan antara 2 minggu hingga 12 minggu. Setipa kali hamil, akan berlaku keguguran, akhirnya ibu ini takut untuk hamil.

Kini kita menpunyai remedi utama untuk mengelakkan berlakunya keguguran dengan memakan ubat-ubat organik homeopathy. InsyAllah akan selamat
Selamat mencuba.

What is miscarriage?

A miscarriage occurs when the uterus expels the 'products of conception' before the twentieth week of pregnancy. In simple terms, this means that a miscarriage is the unplanned end of a pregnancy before the baby can live on its own. In Australia, this is regarded as before 20 weeks gestation. Figures quoted in the Australian And New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics And Gynaecology 1986 give the incidence of miscarriage as one in every seven pregnancies, but this figure is probably much higher because many miscarriages go unrecognised or unreported. Some references estimate that one in every four women who become pregnant will have one or more miscarriages. About 75% of miscarriages happen within the first 12 weeks.

Keloid , Apakah Masih Ada Ubat ?


Saya terbaca di ruang blog anda mengenai keloid dimana saya sekarang sedang menghadapi masalah tersebut sejak sekian lama. Ketumbuhan keloid yang tumbuh di bawah tapak kaki dan juga di jari semakin besar. Pelbagai usaha yang saya lakukan, cream, injection, pembedahan tetapi malangnya tidak juga menyelesaikan masalah saya. Saya terpanggil untuk mencuba rawatan homeopati dan saya ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut lagi.

Apakah itu silicea, acid phos, tuberculinum, conium& thuja. Saya amat berbesar hati sekiranya anda dapat menerangkan kepada saya. Reaksi dari anda amatlah saya hargai.


Jawapan: dalam perubatan homeopathy banyak remdi yang disyurkan. Kita boleh ikhtiar untuk merawati, tetapi bukan mudah untuk merawatnya. Akan memakan masa yang agak panjang, satu atau dua tahun untuk menghilangkan parut-parut keloid. Harus banyak bersabar.
Jika tidak diubati, keloid akan membersar dan bertambah parah.
Sekurang-kurangnya homeopati adalah perawatan terakhir anda.
Selamat mencuba.

Featured patient discussions on keloids

"I have a massive keloid on my chest, one on my left shoulder, and another on my back. The keloid on my chest has defied all forms of treatment (injections, surgery, name it). It measures 12 cm x 9 cm and is still growing (started as two pimples). I also have to deal with recurring abscesses on this same keloid, and it is such an irritating feeling. I'd be the happiest person on planet earth to know of some definitive cure for keloid scars."

What is a keloid?

Keloids can be considered to be "scars that don't know when to stop." A keloid, sometimes referred to as a keloid scar, is a tough heaped-up scar that rises quite abruptly above the rest of the skin. It usually has a smooth top and a pink or purple color. Keloids are irregularly shaped and tend to enlarge progressively. Unlike scars, keloids do not subside over time.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Tangan Keras

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Penyakit Carpal Tunnel ini biasanya berlaku di sekitar tangan bahagian ibu jari dimana ibujari besar tidak boleh digerakkan kerana urat saraf tegang. Saat paling teruk dimana pesakit tidak boleh bergerak ibu jari, malah pegang pen untuk menulis juga sakit dan tidak boleh buat apa-apa kerja

Homeopathy & Akupunktur Boleh Rawat

Penyakit Carpal Tunnel Syndrome boleh dirawat dengan berkesan melalui rawatan homeopati dan akupunktur. Kalau tidak serius hanya 4 atau 5 terapi sahaja pesakit sudah boleh melihat keberkesanaanya.

Rekod di kelinik kami cukup banyak merawat kes-kes ini, malah hampir tiap-tiap hrai kami merawat kes ini. Dalam perubatan biasa tidak banyak pilihan melainkan pembedahan atau makan pain killer.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful progressive condition caused by compression of a key nerve in the wrist. It occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. Symptoms usually start gradually, with pain, weakness, or numbness in the hand and wrist, radiating up the arm. As symptoms worsen, people might feel tingling during the day, and decreased grip strength may make it difficult to form a fist, grasp small objects, or perform other manual tasks. In some cases no direct cause of the syndrome can be identified. Most likely the disorder is due to a congenital predisposition - the carpal tunnel is simply smaller in some people than in others. However, the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome is especially common in those performing assembly line work.

Homeopathic and Acupuncture treatment is the best way to solve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
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Penyakit Kronik, Tekanan Jiwa

Pasir Mas 4 March 2010.

Semakin hari semakin ramai pesakit datang ke klinik aku di Gelang Mas dengan berbagai masalah mental, sakit jiwa, stress, tension, tidak boleh tidur - insomania, serabut, saru, tidak tetap pendirian, takut, gelisah, buat kerja serba tak kena.

Kenapa Hal ini banyak berlaku pada hari ini ?

Mungkin inilah akibat dari 'ketidak senangan jiwa'
Jiwa kalau sudah tidak tenteram, akan berlaku semacam konflik dalam diri.
Serba kerja yang dibuat tak kena, duduk dimana pun gelisah, tidak enak, tidak tenteram dan asyik memikirkan masalaah.

Masalah itu jika difikirkan, memang tidak ada penyudahnya, melainkan kematian.
Namun harus diingat juga bahawa kematian juga belum tentu dapat mententeramkan orang yang gelisah.
Kerana dalam kuburan juga belum tentu senang

Jawapannya: banyakkan besabar, tenang, cinta alam, cintakan orang keliling kita, terimalah seada-adanya, tawakallah kepada Illahi.

Dan jangan makan drugs atau pil tidur
Makanlah ubat organik homeopathic medicine.

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