Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Neuralgia Can Be Cured @ Sakit Saraf Muka Boleh Di Rawat


The most distressing and ofetn obtinate affection has its most frequent seat in the nerve of the face. The pain was so severe that the patient cannot tolerate anything. Even cannot touch the painful pain, no fan, no air, cannot talk , cannot smile, cannot eat, very painful.

Using integrated medical approach such as using acupuncture therapy and homeopathic medicine orally, facial neuralgia can be successfdully treated.

We have many successful record of cure of neuralgia.

Sakit Saraf Muka

Rawatan untuk sakit saraf muka memang handal dalam perubatan homeopati dan akupunktur. Jika penyakit tidak serius, rawatan akupunktur dibahagian muka dan kepala dapat meringankan beban kesakitan. Sementara memakan ubat homeopati yang tepat akan cepat menyembuhkan kesakitan kerana neuralgia atau sakit saraf muka.

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