Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kes 3 & 4 - Kanser Perut & Rektum

Case no.3
In October,1910,a gentleman from pennsylvania came under my treatment for cancer of the stomach.
he had been sick for a year and had been examined by two old experienced physicians who have been in practice for over thirty years and there is no question about the correctness of the diagnosis.

When he first came under my treatment his nerves mere very weak.he had diminished in weight from 215 pounds to 140 pounds. I examined his stomach and found a growth in the region of the pylorus.

It was about an inch high,about two inches in diameter at the base and very sensitive to the touch.He could not bear to have his hands or clothes touch this region.his pulse was the pulse of cancer weak and rapid, the tongue was broad and indented, the white of the eye had the pearly tint of cancer showing a drain upon the system.

His stomach had troubled him more or less for several years. at times he had a diarrhoea that lasted for some time.He had chronic nasal catarrh and spinal hyperemia as a complication.

I gave him acetic acid 1st X dilution, five drops once in four hours in alternation with the acetic acid.I also gave him the double sulphide tablets (Burgess),one tablet after each meal and at bedtime.


In June,1876, i had a man come to me for treatment.
his case had been diagnosed as cancer of the rectum.
he had the morning diarrhea with burning pains in the rectum after each stool.

There was a cancerous ulcer just inside the anus.He was considerably emaciated and was anemic with no appetite.The pulse had a weak discouraged feeling.
I gave him sulph. strychnine one-thirtieth grain before meals and at bedtime,
with ferrum first decimal, three grains after each meal.

I also prescribed nitric acid, fifteen drops of third decimal dilution,in half a glass of water,once in three hours. Locally i applied oil thuja Veseline 3X.Mix and apply the to the ulcer three times a day. For the diarrhea he was given tincture nuphar lutea second decimal dilution five drops once in two hours

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