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Alternative Treatment for Infertility

Alternative Treatment for Infertility: What are They and Can You Benefit?
Read about the various forms of alternative treatment like acupuncture, homeopathy and other holistic methods used for the treatment of infertility.
In the present day scenario of frequent failures of the conventional methods of treatment, many people are going for alternative treatment for infertility related problems. Infertility can effectively be cured by alternative treatment methods. However, the rate of success of the conventional treatment methods is often rather low, and the risks of suffering from the adverse side effects of these techniques. These methods of treatment also often come at a rather high price tag. Thus, over time, the popularity of different methods of alternative treatment for infertility issues is consistently increasing.

There are certain typical ways adopted in the alternative treatment for infertility problems. These ways include:

• Acupuncture methods,
• Application of Chinese medicines,
• Usage of herbs,
• Homeopathic medicines,
• Naturopathic methods,
• Aromatherapy techniques

Acupuncture Methods

The media and the press started shifting their attention to the techniques of acupuncture only since the decade of the 1970s. Hence, this is a relatively new method of treatment in the Western countries, although it was in use since long periods in the past in China (over many centuries). At certain specified acupuncture points, sterilized acupuncture needles are inserted in the body. This technique is also used to relieve pains. Asthma, alcohol consumption and other related health issues can also be eliminated by acupuncture. Ears, wrists, abdomen, legs, the back and the feet are all suitable points of acupuncture methods, which can get rid of infertility,

Application of Chinese medicines

The Traditional Chinese Medicine system (TCM) is an age-old one, dating back up till the period of 200 BC to around 100 AD. Taoism, the basic Chinese philosophy, uses balance, moderation and harmonizing methods as its major features. These features also form the main cornerstone of these medicines. Several factors, including the span of the menstruation cycle, other past menstrual problems, any pains (acute or otherwise) that might be experienced, along with other relevant features are all taken into account by TCM, as the latter tries to detect the infertility problems. Stagnation of a person’s blood flow, energy levels, basic physical weaknesses, excess emotional stresses on the mind, anxiousness, proneness to cold attacks while having periods as well as all other basic diseases are examined in detail by TCM. These studies help a lot in the detection of the probable causes of infertility,

Usage of herbs

Instead of using medicated, processed forms of herbs, currently, more focus is placed on the usage of these herbs in their raw form. The technique of herbal treatment of infertility is however, nothing new. The benefits and the effectiveness of the herbs increases manifold when they are used in their original states, and can aid a person in his/her efforts to recover on his/her own. The therapeutic benefits of these herbs are indeed large. For the purpose of regaining fertility for a person who has become infertile, herbal treatment is an ideal solution,

Homeopathic medicines

Plants, animal essences and minerals can be used, in diluted forms, are often used in preparing medications that would be able to treat infertility. This alternative treatment for infertility is called homeopathic treatment. Being therapeutic in nature, these medicines are of immense effectiveness. Every person has an innate ability to recover his/her own fertility. Homeopathy methods try to help persons in increasing that ability, and make the therapy treatment an overall success. In cases of infertility issues, homeopathy often is able to deliver the desirable results,

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Naturopathic methods

There is a strong school of thought that says, natural supplements can help a person to recover on his/her own. The actual application of this treatment method is called naturopathy. Developed in the 19th century, it is also called the method of using Natural Medicines. The overall balance and equilibrium state can often be disrupted by a wrong choice of lifestyle. This overall body balance can be recovered via naturopathy, which already has shown good results in treating infertility. In fact, even in cases where antibiotics do not work, a simple mud bath can eliminate the problem,

Aromatherapy techniques

Aromatherapy involves the usage of various essential (and often, fragrant) oils for massaging on the body. The tissues of the cell can effectively absorb these oils. As a result, the latter can come into contact with the bloodstream of the human body. From there, the oils can be taken to the reproductive human organs. The lost vitality of these organs can be regained by aromatherapy. As such, it is effective in treating infertility, and

Holistic treatment methods

The search for alternative treatment for infertility is at an all-time high, due to the low chances of success of the conventional treatment methods. The latter come with many negative side effects as well. On the other hand, holistic treatment methods detect the root cause of the problems and then try to eliminate them by using Chinese medicines, herbs, and suggesting lifestyle changes and/or acupuncture methods. Adopting a balanced diet regime is also a crucial aspect of these treatment methods. The success rate of these holistic treatment methods are generally found to be on the higher side as well.

Lisa Olson is a medical researcher, certified nutritionist, health consultant and author of the #1 best-selling e-book, "Pregnancy Miracle – A Unique Three Step Holistic System for Beating Infertility and Getting Pregnant Quickly and Naturally". Lisa has written dozens of holistic health articles and has been featured in ezines and print magazines, as well as on hundreds of websites worldwide.

Konsep Perawatan Perubatan Alternatif

Konsep rawatan alternatif berbeza antara satu sama lain, namun matlamatnya hampir sama. Ada sistem yang mempunyai konsep yang jelas dan ada yang samar-samar. namun jika digabungkan konsep perubatan ini, ia boleh memberi kebaikan 'banyak' kepada pesakit.

Perubatan Integrasi ialah gabungan antara dua atau tiga konsep perubatan, umpamanya perubatan islam jika digabungkan denga ubat-ubat barat akan member penyembuhan yang menajubkan. begitu juga jika ubat homeopati digunakan dari dalam dan dari luar digunakan perubatan Islam seperti doa-doa denga ayat suci akan lebih cepat sembuh kerana ia menyakinkan pesakit dan mendapat Rahmat dari Allah kerana berdoa.

Perubatan Homeopathy dan Akupunktur juga salah satu kaedah perubatan intergasi, begitu juga Perubatan Melau dan Islam, danb lain-lain.

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