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Brief History of Asian Homeopathic Medical League - AHML

Brief History of Asian Homeopathic Medical League

The Asian Homeopathic Medical League (AHML) was founded in 1986 at Puna, the city of India. The eminent Homeopaths of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka got together and decided to form an organization of Asian Homeopath after the protest walkout during Liga Medicorum Internationlis, the then the only homeopathic orrganisation of the world.

The main point of protest is that the American and European Homeopath were basically allopathic doctors. The Asian homeopath which basically 100 % homeopath who qualified a full 5 yaers from full homeopathic medical college, were not given the right to vote and permission to sit in the scientific season of the Liga congresses, where as large number of homeopatha are all in Asian region.

Due to this discrimination The Asian senior and eminent homeopaths walk out of the Liga Congress in 1986 and formed the Asian Homeopathic Medical League - AHML.
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Fiji, Brunei, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, South Africa, are its member countries.

In it first meeting, Dr Jugal Kishore (India) was elected as the first President, Dr P.Panday was its second President ( India), Third was Prof Dr Sajjad Hassan Khan ( Pakistan), fourth - Dr Giriendal Pal (India).

So far AHML has conducted 17th International Congresses in different Asian countries. The 18th will be in Malaysia from 4 - 5th October 2009.
AHML is a non political organization, it purpose is to uplift for the betterment of homeopathic system of homeopathic system through all its member countries by National Vice Presidents. The basic aim of this organization are:-

* to promote and coordination of professional activities in the field of education, research and dessemination of homeopathic knowledge.
* to encourage and persuade the establishment of homeopathic research institution, hospital, pharmacies and dispensaries at the government and semi government levels.
* to conduct basic and clinical research in the field of drugs proving.
* to establish basic libraries with reference to books and the latest research papers from all over the globe.
* dissemination of homeopathic research information, activities and trend to the member countries.
* to promote understanding between nations of member countries through seminars, workshop and conferences.

Executive Committee of AHML Internationa 2010 - 2011

President: Prof Gidendra Pal , Jaipur, India
Senior President: Prof Dr Nik Omar, Malaysia
Secretary general: Prof Dr A.K. Seth ( India)
Treasurer: Dr Muhammad Qasim
Secretary Research: Dr JP Bakshi
Secretary Education: Prof Dr Abdu Rehman ( Pakistan)

National Vice President

Malaysia : Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar
Pakistan: Dr Sh Azhar Intsar
Bangladesh: Dr M.A. Quader
Hong Kong: Dr Alexender T.M. Yuan
Myanmar: Dr Tin Tun
Nepal: S.S. Rauniyar
Sri Lanka: Prof Dr M.A. Latif
Fiji: Dr Kamal Sharma
Australia : Dr Martyn
Singapore: Dr A Kadir
Brunei: Dr Haji Saud Yahya.
India: Dr Girish Gupta

- Dr A.K. Set, Secretary General AHML.

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