Friday, November 18, 2011

Silent Features of Cancer treatment


Based on The Most Well Established Homeopathic Speciliast on Cancer by Dr Eli G Jones, MD ( New Jersey -USA)
The same Research on Cancer cases has been done here headed by Prof Dr Nik Omar, from The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

We follow the same tenets of Homeopathy following strickly the Principle of Homeopathy laid down by our masters Prof Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

Homeopathic Procedure of Treatment

Homeopathic Method of Case Taking adopted by Prof Nik Omar based on the Trinity of Homeopathy - Similia Similibus Curentur.

Patient Walk in first time
Cases refused surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy
Para 1: Cause of Cancer

A Constitutional or blood disease
Increase of cancer caused by :-
Worriment of mind
Meat Easting
Strong tea or coffea
Alcoholic stimulants
Manner of Cure

Raise the will power of Vital Force of patients
Ability of patients to respond to treatment
Para 2: Diagnosis of cancer

Cases already diagnosed by Western Hospital
Confirm by all modern way of diagnosis

Para 3: Homeopathic Case Taking

Based on the Totality of Symptoms
See the condition of the pulse, tongue and eyes
Give hope and confident
General health Improved
Learn to read the pulse
Never give guarantee a cure
Points to Study
Selection of Proper Homeopathic remedy

Para 4: Diet Of Cancer Patients.

Good diet
Inform diet that has been thought would produce cancer
Do not restrict too largely
Eating to much and too fast
Fit diet to each case
Proper rest and healthy life style
Para 5: Patients Under Personal care

Definate indications for remedies to be throughly learned.
Do not starve the petients
General health must be improved
Have confident in yourself and in patients
Never Experiment

All prescription must be confirmed !

Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer & Medication

Cancer of The Breast
Scirrhus cancer
Encephaloid Cancer
Adenoid Cancer
Cancer of Lip
Cancer of Lip and Tongue
Cancer of Head, Face, Nose
Cancer of Neck
cancer of Wrist
cancer of Chin
Cancer of Ear
Cancer of Eye
Cancer of Penis
Cancer of Legs
Cancer of Arm
Sarcoma of various origin
Cancer of Vagina
Cancer of stomach
Cancer of Intestine
Cancer of Rectum
Cancer of Bladder
Cancer of Liver
Cancer of Uterus

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