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Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps

Nose Disorders

Nasal polyps
Nasal polyps
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Allergic rhinitis
Cystic fibrosis
Nasal congestion
Nasal discharge

Nasal polyps are sac-like growths of inflamed tissue lining the nose (nasal mucosa) or sinuses.

See also: Sinusitis

Nasal polyps typically start near the ethmoid sinuses (located at the top of the inside of the nose) and grow into the open areas. Large polyps can block the sinuses or nasal airway.

People with the following conditions are more likely to also have nasal polyps:

* Aspirin sensitivity (wheezing)
* Asthma
* Chronic sinus infections
* Cystic fibrosis
* Hay fever (allergic rhinitis)


People with nasal polyps often complain about having a cold that has lasted for months or years.

Symptoms include:

* Mouth breathing
* Nose feeling blocked (nasal obstruction)
* Reduced or complete loss of sense of smell (not common with sinus infection)
* Runny nose

Headaches or pain are NOT common unless there is also a sinus infection.

Selsema/ Hidung Tersumbat / Resdung

Boleh dirawat secara homeopathy atau acupuncture. Dengan menggunakan ubat-ubat homeopathy yang sesuai masalah block nose atau nasal polyps boleh dirawat. Untuk penyakit ini memang memmerlukan rawatan yang agak panjang 6 hingga 8 bulan. kalau mau cepat, bedah saja.

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