Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thyroid Dan Rawatan Akupunktur

With regards to Thyroid patching please be very clear whether it is
Hyperthyroid or Hypothyroid (Hashimoto)
If it is Hyperthyroid use only Icewave, if it is Hypothyroid use only Energy.
Thyroid Protocol

5 Day Detox ( 15 days, and if need be up to 20 days)
Hyperthyroid - Glutathione alternate daily on GV16 and CV 22. Icewave
on Small Intestine 16 (SI16) and on Kidney 3(K3).
Hypothyroid - Glutathione alternate daily on GV 16 and CV 22. Energy
on Small Intestine 16 (SI16) and Kidney 3 (K3)

Reported cases of very good results from above patching after about 60 days.

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