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Penyembuhan Hepatitis Dari Australia

Nama pesakit: Dr MH Umur 54 tahun Asal: Australia.

Nama Penyakit: Hepatitis B, Fatty Liver.

This patient is a doctor from Melbourne, Australia. Suffering from Hepatitis b, Fatty Liver and the condition is chronic and fatal. Suffered for last 6 years. have been to all hospital and specuialiost in Australia and also Muscat Private Hospital but failed to cure. Most of the doctors consulted informed ' no medicine'

On 6 december 2003 This patient came to consult me at Kuala Lumpur with complaint of the probelm of hepatitis and fatty liver.
Pain arounf the liver area, bloated stomach, pain all over the body, sometime headache, chronic constipation, thirsty, dream of death, fear of death, most terrible headache almost every day, gastrc problem and aslo sinusitis.
After getting all information, I prscribe homeopathic medication according to symtomatology. I prescribe Homeopathic Medicines, Chelodonium 200c and altenately for four months with Hepalgin.

Arrived from Australia in the morning.
29 May 2004 On Second Visit to my clinic at Kuala Lumpur.

The pain slightly better with the pain needle like, pincing and piecing at the liver and abdomen area.
After getting all info about the problems, i again prescribe the same medication for another 4 months.

Arrived from Australia in the evening
20 Nov 2004

The patient improve drastically , feeling much better and the pain , headanche and bodyache almost gone. Very happy with the result. The patient again check his alt level and suprised to hear the ALT level has gone to 40 where else on first visit his ALT level is 130.
Only complaint is constipation.
I prescribe homeopathic nedication Chelidonium 200c bid for 4 months to be altenately taken with Hepalgin.

Arrived from Australia in morning
At Kuala Lumpur 25 December 2005.

Very happy to inform that the test at hospital in Australia, his doctor say his hepatitis is complete cured !!

Hepatitis Boleh Di Rawat dan Di Sembuhkan
Kami telah merawat banyak kes-kes hepatitis baik A, B atau c dengan jayanya. Oleh itu jangan tunggu hari esok untuk merawat kes hepatitis. jangan tunggu hari kematian, sebelum ajal tiba, makan ubat terlebih dahulu.
Selamat mencuba

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