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Apa Orang Lain Kata Tentang Dr Nik Omar, Pelupor Homeopathy Malaysia

Photos: Nik Fairuz son of Dr Nik Omar, follow his father step. He is now one of the youngest Sifu in Chinese medicne - Classical Acupuncture at The department of Chinese Medicine, The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

What Others Says About Nik Omar

No. 1: "Dr Nik Omar does not fit the stereotype of the didicated healer quietly pioneering his art. He is too bullish. Both his collegues and his rivals acknowledge his tremendous energy. All recognise that he, more than anyone, is responsible for raising the homeopathic profile in Malaysia" -By Allison Nadel, London.

2. " I sincerely hope that your effort in popularizing homeopathy in Malaysia will be of great help to solve the health problems of the country." - By Dr Jutaa Gnatger, Vienna, Austria.

3. "It has been a great pleasure to discover the rapid success which homeopathy has achieved within Malaysia over last few years. I am sure that the success has been due to the diligence of Dr Nik Omar and his collegues at The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, who has worked ceaselessly to promote and practice their art, not solely in Malaysia but laso in Thailand and Pakistan." - Tony Pinkus, Ainsworth Homeopathic Pharmacy, London, England.

4. " I would like to thanks you very much for intiating an idea to send a Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Team to Peshawar to look after the wounded Afghan Mujahidin and Muhajirin. The Afghan Office at Kuala Lumpur is fully backing and endorsing your programme." - Haji Mengal Hussein, Afghan Rep. K.L.

5." 2nd Asian Homeopathic Medical league Congress was successfully held in Malaysia from 4th -6th Nov 1889. All credit goes to Dr Nik Omar, as National President and Chairman of the congress for hosting such a nice and excellent arrrangement.
Dr Nik Omar and his devoted group of workers deserve our thanks for holding such an impressive moot of immense value to the proffesion. It is not out of place to mention here that Dr Nik Omar is an old student of Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College, Lahore and his pioneering role in popularising homeopathic system of medicine in Malaysia is recognised by lovers of Homeopathy all over the region." - Prof Dr Khalid Masood, President LHMI, Pakistan.

6. " When ready in 2002, The New campus for The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia on 10 acres of land at Pasir Mas, Kelantan, with the cost of $ 3.5 millions will the biggest and best homeopathic & acupuncture college in Malaysia. This is another proof that the struggles for the development of homeopathy in Malaysia under the leadership of Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar will never ends." - Prof Mohd Nasir, secretary AHML Malaysia

7. " I am please to take this opportunity to welcome all the International and Malaysian delegates to 10th World Homeopathic Science Congress to be held at Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I congratulate the Asian Homeopathic Medical League and The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia for successfully organising the congress."- Tuan Guru Dato Haji Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, Menteri Besar Kelantan, 1st June 1998.

8. " I am happy to note that this is the fifth time Malaysia is given the honour to host this conference on Complementary medicine which reflect the confidence of the member countries in the ability of research Institute of Medical Acupuncture and The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia.
There is much to be done to educate patients on complementary medicine and therapies which could provide them an alternative means to curing health retaletd problems." - By Dr Mahathir Mohammad, Prime Minister of Malaysia 18 August 2000

9. For about the past two decades the concept of the Open International University studies through The faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia and the Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture which is based in Kelantan, under the chairmanship of Prof Dr Nik Omar has been establishing and promoting this form of medication not only among Malaysian but also foreigners." - Dato Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. 15 August 2000.

10. Prof Dr Nik Omar is a practitioner of alternative medicine and he heads what is perhaps, the biggest and only Homeopathic College in Malaysia.
By Cindy Tham, The Sun Newspaper July 26,1998.

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