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Acupuncture Courses in Malaysia

Our College at Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Acupuncture Malaysia 2007-2008
Prospectus & Syllabus

Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture,

Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia

Welcome To Malaysia

Here Are All Information Your Need.
Acupuncture Prospectus
Acupuncture Syllabus & Curriculum
Why You Should Join This Courses in Malaysia

Malaysia is the best place in the world, where you will find peace and harmony. We have no war to fight with, no bombing , no terrorist, no kinaping. All foreign visitors are free to move about in Malaysia. You can still find hundred of European,American and other tourists moving about at 11.00 pm around Kota Bharu without fear of being disturb.

This is the best of Malaysia, where you cant find this peace in other countries !
More over Malaysia is the cheapest country in Asia with free duty and almost all the year round, you can find Mega Sale are going on.

Why Should You Join Acupuncture Course in Malaysia.

For new comers, we strongly recommended this course because it is the cheapest course fee in the world and it is introduce to you the new technique of Oriental Medicine based on Classical Chinese Acupuncture which is adopted according to the program passed by WHO and other acupuncture Academy throughout the world such as the concept of TCM Academy of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, Shanghai, Gounchaou in China, The Open International University For Complementary Medicine in India, Sri Lanka, UK, Spain, Alma Ata, Russia, etc.

Our technique of teaching is simple and innovative, both theorical and practical at our hospital run together at the same time.

This means that you can discover the innovative method of learning acupuncture that suit you best.

Your study are very flexible. You are free to study when it suits you. If you have no time to complete the course, you can have a break, leave the course and come back later to continue again. Take as long as you like and have some extra practical training at our hospital and do assignment as required.

The Syllabus & Curriculum at RIMAc Malaysia in the province of Kelantan is designed to educate and train the individual in history, theory and clinical aspects of Oriental Medicine - The Classical Chinese Acupuncture.
The outcome objective is for the graduate to be competent and qualified independent practitioners of Classical Acupuncture.

Our curriculum meets the International educational requirement by International bodies of Acupuncture Socities throughout the world such as RIMac, Board of Acupuncture, MRHP, FAHOM, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Health Turkey, South Africa, Middle East Contries, Gulf States, UAE, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Canada, Spain, EU countries, etc.

Many students from those countries have passed the final examination from our college and they are now practising in their own country.
This is the best prove that our certificate are recognised throughout the world.

Dont Waste The Time

So, if you wish to be a successful acupuncturist, our academy is the best way to start with. It is an ideal place for beginners like YOU.

Dont put a lot of questions, just try your best to understand what we are trying to tell you through this info, please read and print it for your reference. Buy cheap air ticket (MAS) and come direct to
London- Kuala Lumpur - Kota Bharu - Kuala Lumpur - London.

On returning back to your country you will be very happy and lucky.

Welcome to Malaysia or in Malay language we call it

S e l a m a t D a t a n g

Life is very Precious, so be careful of choosing the country that you are going. Because many countries in the world today are not safe and are very fragile. If you not lucky enough on arrival, even at the airport you will be deported or harresment and label as 'terrorist' and you might be landed not in our 'college hostel' but in jail. Some parts of the world, European or 'white people' are not safe to travel, but in Malaysia, all the tourist irrespective of their country, color of the skin or races, either you are European, Arabs, Saudis, Libyian, Egyptian, Syrian,Tunisian, Kuwaitis, English, US, Canadian, Chinese, Indian, etc. all of you are welcome to Malaysia in peace.

Malaysia is a truly Asian.

Over 30 years of services
in Alternative Medicine

Program of Studies at Our Academy

Either you are full time student of acupuncture, part time, Intensive Course or Distance Learning, you must undergone and complete the syllabus set by the college.

7 to 30 Days Intensive Course For Beginners
Corse Commense 1st day of the Week.

Monday till Thursday ( Friday Closed)
College & Hospital Working hours 8.00 am till 6.00 pm

Module 1 [ 8 Credit Hours ]

History of China & Chinese Acupuncture
Anatomy & Physiology According to Acupuncture Meridian
Chinese Philosophy - Theory Yin & Yang
Study of Meridian, Lu, P, H
Clinical at Hospital
Examination Part 1

Module 2 [ 8 Credit Hours ]

Material & Technique
Contraindication & Prohibited Dangerous Point
Study of Location
Study of Meridian, LI, TW, SI
Clinical Training at Hospital
Examination Part 2

Module 3 [ 8 Credit Hours ]

Needling - Various Type od Needle
Technique of Puncturing
Measurement - Cun and Cunometer
Study of Meridian, K, Sp., Ren, GB
Clinical Training
Examination Part 3

Module 4 [ 8 Credit Hours ]

What is Moxibustion
Technique od Stimulation
What is Electro Acupuncture
Study of Meridian DU, UB
Clinical Training
Vertinary Acupuncture
Examination Part 4

1. We have added one new subject in our acupuncture course, i.e. Vertinary Acupuncture On Horses. Due to the great demand for Acupuncturist for animals, we have decieded to add this new subject to all our students.

2. Certificate / Diploma / Master of Acupuncture will be given to all student who has pass the final examination only.

Mode of Payment

All fee must be paid in advance , direct to the college account by bank to bank basis or telegrafic transfer [t.t.]

In Favor of: Fakulti Perubatan Homeopathy Malaysia
Name of Bank : OCBC Bank, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Acount No: 755 101 9716


You may also pay through Western Union Money Transfer

Where ever you stay, you still can pay direct to our bank account by t.t.. Ask you bank, they know how to do it.

If you are in London, New York, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China , there are OCBC Bank at the main city center.

Certificate Course is US$ 1,000.00
Diploma Course is US$ 1,500.00
Master In Acupuncture US$ 1,500.00

Payment by cash Only - No Credit Cards ! We accept all major currency, MR$,US$,A$,EU$, SaudiR$
[ Exchange Rate US$ 1.00 = Malaysia Ringgit RM 3.70 ]

[ The fee is a Special package Holidays in Malaysia ]

For further info, you may contact
Prof Nik Omar direct line 019-9401915

Our Motto

To be great or successful we must have Philosophy of Trinity.

1. Right Place
2. Right Man
3. Right Time

...and we offer all that trinity, the right place is RIMAc Malaysia, The Right man is Prof Dr Nik Omar, The Right time, today is the right time, contact him, immediately.

The Right Place

Remember !
If you want to be a successful Acupuncturist,
our Academy
Is the Best Way To Start.

It is An Ideal Place For Beginners Like YOU !

Welcome to Malaysia

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