Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brain Tumor

Brain Tomour Treated With Acupuncture, A Clinical Observation
Reported by Prof Dr Nik Omar
From: National Research Institute of Acupuncture, Kota Bharu.

A patient by the name of Johari 50 years old gentleman, came to our clinic with the complaint of Brain Tomour.

This was confirmed by one of the hospital at Kota Bharu, through scanning. The patient was a hopeless case, who were unconscious / coma for 4 days before admitted at our center. The allopathic specialist had told the patient that the disease is very serious and threaten the patient’s life. The specialist advised operation, because so far there is not medication for such disease.

The patient asked the doctor the chances for operation, which the doctor’s told him that it was 20 - 80.
The patient for operation and came for our treatment.
After taking all the necessary history of the patients, I have suggested to gave the patient
Hegu, Quichi along with Sishencong and supplied the patient with homeopathic medications of Conium 30 c, b.i.d. for 2 weeks.
After two weeks the patient came back with much improved. Headache is much better, vision is improved, appetite back to normal. After one months of treatment the patient did not have any pain at all, severe headache, dizziness and vertigo had gone with acupuncture needle.
The patient went back to previous hospital where the specialist astonished and did not belief that the patient is smiling in front of him. After brief checkup the patient were asked to go back and rest and the doctor told him that he is alright and no need to come to hospital again.

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