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Paralysis @ Lumpoh

Treatment of 122 Cases of Paralysis by Selecting Points According to The Function of Muscle Group and Spinal Segment.
By Yu Wengong
From Fujian Diabled Soldier Convalescent Hospital, Jianou County, Fujian 353100 China.

We have treated 122 cases of paraplegia, hemiplegia and pathological paralysis with marked result by acupuncture treatment according to the anatomic site of spinal injury and principle of paralytic muscle group controlled by certain nerves.
1. Principle of point selecting

i) Paraplegia:
a) Puncture one point on the insensitive area on both sides respectively 5cm away from the middle of spine.
b) Select any 2 - 3 sensitive points from Ren channel to below the umbilicus and Foot Yang-ming channel of lower limbs
c) For injury in 5 - 7 segment of cervical area, select point from Hand Tai-yin and Hand Yang- ming channel on the radial side of upper limbs; for injury in the area from cervical to to thoracic 2, select points from Hand Shao-yin and Hand Taiyang Channels on the ulna side of upper limbs.

ii) Hemiplegia :
a) Fengchi ( GB 20) , Fengfu (DU 16 ) and Tazhui ( DU 14 )
b) For case of extensor-flexor muscle disturbance, select the corresponding points from three Yin and three Yang channel of upper and lower limbs.
c) Pathological paralysis, select points according to the muscle group of disease and injury.


a) Electric stimulation must be applied to all the points selected according to spinal segment , the stimulation for spastic paralysis should be strong with short duration of time while that for flaccid paralysis should be opposite.
b) Tap with plum blossom needles until bleeding
c) Tap with bamboo chopsticks until the skin become deep red.

Therapeutic Effect.

67 cases of paraplegia caused by external injury were treated with the curative rate of 88.66 % while that of 74.36 % was for 39 cases of hemiplegia and 75 % for 16 cases of pathological paralysis.

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