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Clinical Studies on Homeopathic & acupuncture treatment of Epigastric Pain

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Clinical Studies on the Homeopathic & Acupuncture Treatment
Of Epigastric Pain

By Lord Pandit Prof. Dr Nik Omar & Dr Nik Fairuz Hakim
Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia &
Malaysian National Research Institute of Acupuncture
Kota Bharu, Malaysia.

20 cases clearly diagnosed as epigastric pain were observed in our medical center.

Acupuncture treatment Homeopathic Treatment
Total Cases 18 12
Average age 30 37
Duration of illness 3 years 7 years
Atrophic gastritis 8 cases 4 cases
Superficial gastritis 7 cases 4 cases
Peptic Ulcer 4 cases 3 cases
Period Treatment 30 days 30 days

We have another 10 patients of Peptic Ulcer undergone both Homeopathic and Acupuncture
Treatemnt . Those cases were termed as Intergrated Medicine.

Peptic Ulcer Intergrated Medicine 10 cases.

Patients in the two groups complained of the same problem.

Before the courses of our treatment, almost all the patients has undergone all sort of allopathic medication and treatment with heavy doses of drugs such as zentec, actal, mangnesium triselicate, etc. But the symptoms still the same.

Acupuncture treatment alone

18 patients undergone acupuncture treatment has been given Back-Shu points of the five Zang organs.
Suzanli, Hegu and Quichi weer the main points. Reinforcing method by twisting, closing and enlarging the hole were done consistently.
The acupuncture needles were retain for 30 minutes. The treatment was given every alternate day. The treatment last between 20 to 30 days.
10 patient responded immediately stop the pain - 60 % improve
5 patient responded well - 30 % improvement
3 patient responded slowly - 20 % improvement

Homeopathic treatment alone

12 patients undergone homeopathic treatment were given according to symptomatology and individualistic approach. The homeopathic remedy prescribe among them are Carbo Vegetaabalis 30c, Nux Vomica 200,
Arsenicum Album 30, Ipecac 30 and calc Calcarea Carbonica 200. ( All patient were given single dose )
Medine taken everyday t.i.d for one week, follow up by placebo for antiher one week. Treatment were given within 30 days.
8 patient responded very well - 70 % improved
2 patient responded well - 30 %
2 patient responded slowly - 20 %

Integrated Medicine
( Orally homeopathic medicine - Externally Acupuncture Needles )

10 patients of peptic ulcer were given both the treatment, where by homeopathic medicine were given orally and acupuncture treatment were given externally. No other drugs were given. The patient were given treatment daily for first 10 days, there were remarkable result. After 20 days treatment 50 % improvement occur and after 30 days
80 % ( 8 ) patient responded very much with 90 % improvement
10 % ( 1 ) patient with 50 % improvement
10 % (1 ) patient with 30 % improvement.


Out of all the treatment, Integrated Medicine show a remarkably result and very encouraging.

Thank you.

Prof Dr Nik Omar

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