Monday, March 16, 2009

An Open Invitation to RIMAC - FAHOM Malaysia

Invitation for Establishing International
Chinese Medicine Units

To promote mutual communication and to creat more opportunities for Chinese medicine development , We hereby formally invite you to be our friendly and cooperative unit.
Service Contents:
⑴Publishing your information to 200 institutions and more than 30,000 Chinese medicine practitioners.
⑵Exchanging latest academic achievements and in-service training programs .
⑶Exchanging information of Chinese medicine academic activities .
⑷Repling academic issues of Chinese medicine.


Mr.Frank Mr.Hill Jin
International Chinese Medicine Alliance
March 3, 2009

International Chinese Medicine Alliance

Brief Introduction
International Chinese Medicine Alliance is a non-governmental organization which was found in the support of Chinese medicine institutions and international well-known personalities. Our target is to carry forward the culture of Chinese medicine ,to enrich the theoretical system of Chinese medicine, to integrate resources of Chinese medicine, to improve service capabilities of Chinese medicine, to promote international recognition of Chinese medicine, to strengthen international cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry and to safeguard the life and health of human being.

Alliance Tenet:

To set up international communication channels
To promote standardization, internationalization and commercialization of Chinese medicine

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