Saturday, March 21, 2009

Urinary Problems & Homeopathic Treatment


Burning Urination which is only passed drop by drop - Canthris

Burning in urethra when not urinating. Burning stop while urinating - Staph

Burning before urinatin, burning after urinating - Natc Carb.

Constant urination, pain in bladder as if too full, not relief by urination.

Constant desire to urinate, urine deep orange - Canth.

Difficult Urination ( dysuria)

Constant ineffectual desire, contraction of urethra, emission in drops. chronic cyctitis. - Copaiva.

Great pain after passing urine. Can pass urine only when standing. - Sarsaprilla

Enuresis ( Involuntary Urination - wetting the bed )

Wetting the bed unconnsciously during the first part of the night, when blowing the nose, during night when cold, during coughing, laughing or sneezing- Causticum

Urination involuntary during sleep, urine dribbles out involuntary due to paralysis of bladder - Alumina.

Frequent ( Polyuria)

Frequent urination . Dribbling of urine on slightest provation - Pulsatilla.

Frequent urination every half an hour day and night. Ledum

Haematuria ( Blood In Urine )

Blood in urine, head the remedy - terebinth

Blood in urine from mechanical injuries. Dark blood and thick urine. Bloody urine with black sediment - thalaspi.

Incontinence ( Retention - Suppression )
In children when the rentation of urine is due ti fright or passion of urine. UUrination painfull in suppressed gonorrgoea, or VD

Retention of urine. Bladder distended. Difficult urination. - Hyso.

Polyuria ( Diabetes)

Profuse urination in dyspepsia, urine passed in quantity larger than the fluid taken, profuse urination durng menses - Phytolacca

Albuminuria with scanty urine - Merc Sol

Albumin in urine which become black like inik - Clochicum

Creatine High - Hypericum, Ars Alb.. Sepia

Masalah Kencing

Rawatan homeopati cukup baik untuk mengatasi masalah kencing seperti

Kencing Berdarah, kencing nanah, kencing sakit, kencing kerap, kencing pedih, kencing tidak tos, kencing dedas, kenacing stiap 1 jam sekali, kencing tersekat, kencing tidak keluar, kencing titis demi titis dan lain-lain.

Jika rawatan lain gagal cubalah rawatan homeopati atau akupunktur

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