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Some Cases Cured With Homeopathy

Brief Description Of Some Patients

Who has Benefitted From Homeopathic Treatment

*53-year-old physician with a history of chronic EPICONDYLITIS (Tennis elbow) for several months, having recurrent pain (worse with movements at elbow and hand) despite steroid injections and anti-inflammatory medications. Cured after 2 weeks of treatment.
Comments: No recurrence as of 2 years after completing the homeopathic treatment.

*50-year-old professional female with a few days history of shoulder pain diagnosed as SHOULDER TENDONITIS cured of pain and discomfort within 2 days of homeopathic treatment.
Comments: No recurrence as of 1 year following the treatment.

*51-year-old doctor with 30-year history of LEG CRAMPS with excruciating pain and spasm of calf and foot muscles in the middle of sound sleep, worse during winter season. No conventional medicines helped. Treated with homeopathic remedy, cured within 2 months.
Comments: Had no recurrence for the past 6 years after discontinuation of treatment – used to have several episodes a month for years

* Middle age, highly educated housewife with a long history of PAROXYSMS of SNEEZING only in the morning upon waking up. Sneezing spells completely stopped after taking homeopathic remedy (00202108).
Comments: Doing well with no further sneezing episodes 5 years following the treatment (0808).

* College student with COMMON COLD having runny nose, sneezing, and cough got complete relief of all symptoms within 16 hours of homeopathic treatment.
Comments: A skeptic turned into a believer.

* Elderly professional with 3-4 year history of unexplained BURNING IN FEET every evening and at night disturbing the sleep. Had multiple back operations. Consulted several neurologists, found to have no sensory deficit, and was told to “live with the burning” since no cause or explanation was found, and no treatment was available.
Comments: Burning resolved completely after 2 months of treatment and recurred only occasionally as of 3 years following the treatment (0306).

* Young female in her twenties with 2-year history of CONSTIPATION and hemorrhoids consulted gastroenterologist as well as rectal surgeon, tried all laxatives and hemorrhoid medications with no lasting relief. Cured of all symptoms within 10 days of starting homeopathic remedy.

* Toddler with a 2-year history of ECZEMA suffering from severe itching – sometime scratching until skin bleeds. History of being warm all the time as if “heat is radiating from his body”. Tried all sorts of lotions, steroid creams, and anti-allergic medication with no lasting relief. Responded to homeopathic remedy with significant improvement within 3-4 weeks.

* Middle age executive with a history of unexplained CRACKED and DARK LIP improved significantly after 1 month of homeopathic treatment. No treatment was offered by conventional physician other than (ineffective) lip balm.

* Young professional with a history of PSORIASIS and superimposed chronic eczema/dermatitis having intolerable itching for 3-4 years, received no lasting cure from conventional treatment, improved significantly after 3 weeks of homeopathic treatment.
Comments: No recurrence of psoriasis despite discontinuation of homeopathic remedy for over 3 years.

* A young child having RAGWEED and GRASS ALLERGY resulting in marked runny nose, sneezing often associated with asthmatic symptoms responded well to homeopathic remedy after 2 months of treatment.
Comments: No allergy symptoms/wheezing described for 2 consecutive seasons while on weekly dosages of homeopathic remedy during the spring and fall. Did not require any anti-allergic/anti-histaminic/bronchodilator therapy while on homeopathic treatment.

* An 9-month old infant with severe INFANTILE ECZEMA associated with marked rash and itching all over body improved after 10 days of homeopathic treatment after getting no response from multiple creams, lotions, antiallergic and steroid medications.
Comments: Completed treatment after 3 months and had no recurrence as of 2 years follow up (0306).

* College bound young adult with 2-year history of ANXIETY, and its effects on his daily life as well as his studies, felt much better after 2 months of treatment.
Young, computer specialist, with BROWN DISCOLORATION over forehead and FACIAL ACNE worse before menses. Seen several dermatologists over past 10 years and tried many skin creams, etc. with some side effects but without any lasing benefit. Brown pigmentation disappeared after about 3 months, and acne improved significantly after homeopathic treatment.

* Young child having ECZEMA with dry skin, severe itching, and scratching until skin bleeds. Remained very irritable and restless from itching whole day. Had no success from daily Zyrtec, steroid creams, lotions, and non-milk formula. Within 2 weeks of starting homeopathic medicines, parents observed nearly 90% improvement in itching, and normal looking, baby like, skin they have not seen in months.
Elderly man with unexplained intense, intolerable SKIN ITCHING for the past 15 years. Responded well to homeopathic remedy with completes resolution of itching after several antifungal, steroidal, and other antiallergic medications failed to cure the problem yet made him drowsy on many occasions.

* Young adult complaining of severe itching all over body especially so on large, blotchy, raised, progressive, urticarial rashes (HIVES) and swollen, painful knee joint (SYNOVITIS) for 3 days before seeking treatment. Unable to work or sleep due to constant itching. History of exposure to a new fabric softener used for laundry in the dryer. Within 2 hours of using 2 doses of homeopathic remedy, urticarial lesions nearly 80% gone and itching was all gone. Her knee symptoms subsided over next 3 days with full ambulation (03203165).

* Within 12 hour of illness, a primary school youngster with FOOD POISONING became moderately dehydrated, listless, very weak, and exhausted from severe diarrhea and vomiting almost every hour after eating outside food the night before. Given homeopathic remedy every 30 minutes for 4 doses and then every 2 hour.
Comments: Did not vomit or had diarrhea even once since after the first dose of remedy was given. Felt well, was up and about, and drinking well within 2 hours, and ate well after 6 hours of such an acute illness.

* Middle age computer executive suffering from CHRONIC SINUSITIS with facial bone pain, headache, feeling of obstructed nasal passages, tiredness, heaviness of face, etc. for nearly 30 years reported significant improvement in energy level, appetite, nasal obstruction, headache and facial pain within 5 days of treatment.
Comments: Remained free of sinusitis symptoms as of 1 year following treatment.
An otherwise healthy, not too old, professional developed ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION for no obvious reason. Consulted urologist, internist, neurologist, and orthopedist; all tests came back negative, was diagnosed as “Nothing wrong – all in the head”. Viagra gave more side effects than help.
Comments: Responded to homeopathic remedy within one month, and had nearly 70% improvement after 2 months of treatment.

* Young child with SEVERE INFANTILE ECZEMA since early infancy, involving whole body, especially joint areas, presented with dark, thick skin with cracks, oozing, crusting, and bleeding marks from constant scratching. Spent days being restless, irritable crying, and nights with disturbed sleep due to itching. Received no relief, or cure, from steroid and newer topical allopathic treatment; was advised to continue creams/lotions and wait for spontaneous improvement someday. Within a month of homeopathic treatment, the child’s symptom of itching improved nearly 80-85% and skin became softer with complete disappearance of cracks, oozing and bleeding marks.
Comments: The cranky, irritable, and constantly itchy child was happy, playful, and friendly during follow up visit.

* An elderly man with a history of unexplained MYALGIA involving thigh muscles for several months especially bothersome at night disturbing sleep. Responded within 2 weeks of treatment with complete relief of his symptom.
Comments: No recurrence described as of 6 months following the treatment.

* Young man with allergic rhinitis having severe spring-time symptoms of HAY FEVER with red and watery eyes, clogged ears, itchy throat and copious watery nasal discharge had over 95% control of all his symptoms after getting no help from OTC and other prescription medicines (1603149).

* Young female with a history of RECURRENT STYE worse since childbirth. Episodes associated with marked swelling, pustule formation, redness, and pain at the lid margin, and mostly occurred during pre-menstrual period. No explanation or treatment received for recurrence of stye; used warm soaks and antibiotic during each episode. Also had history of postpartum mastitis and skin boils. Had significant improvement with no further stye after 2 months of treatment (4104213).
Comments: No recurrence described as of 12 months following the treatment.

* Past middle-age adult having difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, exertional dyspnea, chest soreness, fatigue, and other symptoms for 6 months was diagnosed to have pulmonary SARCOIDOSIS. Had partial improvement from steroids and bronchodilator; discontinued steroids due to undesirable side effects. Had nearly 80-90% improvement in all respiratory symptoms within 2 weeks after taking homeopathic remedy (6104233).
Comments: Had only occasional, mild, self-resolving respiratory symptoms while continuing homeopathic treatment for over 3 months.

* A college student having hair loss for several years without any other medical condition or local lesions (such as Dandruff, etc) sought homeopathic treatment. Within a month of taking the remedy, noticed definite decrease in HAIR LOSS (00205236).
Comments: No further hair loss despite discontinuation of treatment for over 3 months (0306).

* Almost 70-year old lady with heel pain only when walking for the past 6 years did not get lasting relief despite several cortisone injections for her CALCANEAL SPURS. Neither did acupuncture, physiotherapy or strong pain killer provide much help. The pain became rather constant for about 6 months prior to her seeking homeopathic treatment. In addition, she was diagnosed having BURSITIS of left shoulder for many years with pain worse on raising the arm. Her heel pain was completely gone and bursitis pain nearly 80% improved after 2 months of treatment with a single homeopathic remedy (09005243.
Comments: As of 12 months after discontinuation of remedy, heel pain did not recur; shoulder bursitis pain also did not recur and all movements were normal (0306).

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