Thursday, March 19, 2009

When Other System of Medicine Does Not Works, Homeopathy Is The Last Chance To Help You

When nothing else seems to help

If a person has unsatisfactory response from allopathic or any other treatment for any of the following problems, and is willing to try alternative or complementary treatment, consider homeopathy.

There may be several homeopathic remedies (medicines) available for each problem. However, for best results, homeopathic treatment is usually very individualized.Find a good homeopath

Phantom limb pain (after amputation)
Bone fracture well aligned but not healing (non-union of fracture)
Persistent pain following an injury
Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
Toothache persisting following tooth extraction
Leg cramps at night/in bed (cramps in calves/feet)
Involuntary movements of eyelids, face, lips / bell palsy
Every little injury suppurates
Persistent toothache since filling was done
Red swollen eyelids / conjunctivitis ( sakit mata awal)
Burning in the sole of feet only at night / cramp / numbness
Mental/physical effects of grief after recent death of loved one
Ringworm infestation of skin
Hay fever with watery eyes and burning nasal discharge
Excessive flatulence / gastric [ medu / uluran ]
Skin warts [ ketuat, ketimbir, keloid]
Involuntary, spasmodic closing of eyelids
Fetid odor from mouth [ masalah mulut berbau ] masalah airliur
Chronic constipation [ sembelit, buasir, fistula]
Allergic/seasonal rhinitis/hay fever/sinusitis
Chronic eczema / skin disease
Acne, pimple [ jerawat, resdung , seduan ]

Many other problems
To find a homeopathic physician in your area, you may search the web. National Center for Homeopathy in Malaysia call 03-4042 2020 or 019-9401915

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